Wednesday, November 22, 2017

5 Bible Story Books You and Your Kids Will Love

Looking for a great Bible for the kids or grandkids this Christmas? There are so many amazing Bible and devotional options out there (I counted over 60 different kids Bibles and 75+ kids devotional books on the shelf! So overwhelming!). We all want our kids to engage with God in a meaningful way through scripture. Here are 5 Bible Story books that do just that. Click on the linked title to go straight to the House of James website for pricing and in store availability. 

  • comes in Toddlers (0-3 years) or Regular version (4-8+years)
  • illustrations so vivid they tell a story all on their own
  • characters are captured like a candid photo - full of activity and expression 
  • uses familiar language children easily identify with 

2. SUPER HEROES STORY BOOK (with optional companion book of prayers)

  • 4-8+ years
  • bright comic style drawings and font familiar to comic book aficionados
  • Select profiles outlining heroic aspects of Bible characters
  • completely geared to boys 

3. THE PICTURE BIBLE - Classic, can't go wrong, stood the test of time since 1979

  • 6+ years
  • Covers all the major of the Bible stories start to finish
  • Comic font
  • Maps, topical Bible references, 
  • “Did you know” inserts a thought, idea, or truth about God and info on where to find out more about it in the Bible

Since is it so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.” - C.S. Lewis

Intended to help kids identify with and connect to characters and help them someone to look up to

  • two very different copies, designs, content and characters
  • very intentional and specific aim at the reader, boy or girl,  cover to cover - from font, to colours, to illustrations, it’s meant to get a girl’s attention or appeal to a boy’s interests
  • Chronologically moves through the bible, pulling out the women for the girls and the men for the boys and telling the story of their contributions  
  • creates profiles of individuals with pictures, name meaning, facts about them, milestones (accomplishments), questions, and a verse that outlines his or her contribution 
  • engaging, lively, interesting
  • Very rare find for a girl, more common for boys

Perspective changes everything!

  • Bible characters come to life like never before because they get to tell their OWN story, from their OWN perspective
  • The reader’s imagination is engaged in a totally different way while they are taken deeper into each story
  • Rich and dramatic illustrations
  • Captivating titles: “As bad as it gets,” “Hear me ROAR!”
  • Segments show how it relates to your life today: “God’s personal relationship with People”
  • Free App that contains virtual cards, fun facts

BONUS!! NEW: "I AM" Bible Stories, Devotions & Prayers About the Names of God
Names mean a lot - introduce your kids to the stories where God introduced himself to people

  • Vibrant cover 
  • goes through 40 stories and different names God is known by 
  • followed by a devotional and prayer
  • Excellent way to deepen connection with who God is

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